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Inauguration Coverage: Obama’s Helpers & MLK Community Service Day

Who do I think I am?  After finally getting my Biden ball tickets yesterday from the Washington Convention Center, I decided to set up the Bowllan Blog office…right in the lobby of the WCC! I sat there for 4-hours just 
waiting working, watching, writing and wondering…if I’ll ever get Internet access? People came by to introduce themselves to me and it was pretty amazing how many people I knew. I also met some amazing people who are volunteering their time for Mr. Obama’s campaign and I found it fitting to share their stories today, on this day of community service remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Bruce McBarnette, founder of Art of Obama, Zakiyyah Ali, a teacher at the High School for Global Citizenship in Brooklyn, NY and LION volunteer, Maria Larriuz were all on hand yesterday to help Obama. 


  1. thats great amy those ar the best stories of people who braved this weather. and new they might get a glimpes of the O
    i love keep up the great work

  2. Hi Aim,
    Kiss Mr. Biden for me. I just love him!

  3. christina says:

    hi mom

    put up mlk

  4. The Godfather says:

    RIP Ms. Maria your love will stay with us all! Thank you so much.