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Pre-Inauguration Coverage: A Brother Helps Out

My brother was right there for me when I needed him today. Actually, he’s always there, but today was different. Today, in the midst of my journey and taping, I sent him my video clips through my blackberry (it was a first) and he jazzed them up for me. Please give a shout out to my brother, and  flimmaker, Anthony Bodden, who has more of today’s footage on the way.

***correction on the final slide – is my web address and NOT .blog


  1. Very nice!

  2. Very nice!

  3. Wonderful! How do you look so impeccable?!!! A friend of mine is travelling tomorrow so I put a shout out of this blog on HER blog (is that like looking into a mirror reflecting a mirror?) I drew a quick study of President-Elect Obama and family for tomorrow’s Facebook (haven’t drawn anything in four months, so that’s saying something!) and sick as a dog all week, so excited and inspired, YAH!!!!

    One small typo, if you have editing capacity because it’s very much an AGYism, check out your bro’s profession. I know that kind of typo could earn a wet willie!