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There’s A "Bulletin Board Babe" Who Reigns in India: Head Librarian, Ann Krembs

Ann Krembs reports…I love to make bulletin boards; it’s like one more form of public relations.  Being a
librarian is the best job—I get to talk up books, be a techy, manage a space and collection, but also become a P.R. rep for my library.  Having interesting bulletin boards (bb’s) is one way of doing that. (Visit her blog, here)

I always try to mix ‘em up.  For example, sometimes the bb’s are interactive—I might request a response from the students.  Other times the bb’s are simply informative or promotional.  I always keep a calendar up which includes important dates for the school as well as birthdays. On the walls in the library I upkeep current framed photos—for example right now pictures from the most recent middle school social are up.  In February, we’ll frame best friends in the school community.  Last but not least, I also run a digiframe on the circulation desk.  The pics in there right now are from the high school talent show last Friday night.  

Bulletin boards offer me the perfect way of staying connected with the kids.  I’m super cheesey at times—but I don’t care. Secondary students still love it.  Finally, I’m quite creative, and bb’s are one medium that let me express some of that creativity.

I work at the American School of Bombay in Mumbai, India.  This is my 5th year here (12th year overseas!).  Next school year my husband and two kiddos and I will move to Beijing, China to teach at the International School of Beijing.  Here’s our Virtual Library site if you want to take a look (although it’s usually only accessed through our portal): ASB Virtual Library.