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Pre-Inauguration Coverage: A Brother Helps Out

My brother was right there for me when I needed him today. Actually, he’s always there, but today was different. Today, in the midst of my journey and taping, I sent him my video clips through my blackberry (it was a first) and he jazzed them up for me. Please give a shout out to my brother, and  flimmaker, Anthony Bodden, who […]

Pre-Inauguration Coverage: Amy’s Journey Continues

What a difference a day makes! Today, my pre-inauguration journey heated up with shocking un-expectables, and with moments I will never forget. All I can say is, WOW! And just wait until I post the rest of my coverage.  I am running to grab a quick bite and will finish before the night is over, so stay tuned. Good […]

Inauguration Coverage: Obama’s Helpers & MLK Community Service Day

Who do I think I am?  After finally getting my Biden ball tickets yesterday from the Washington Convention Center, I decided to set up the Bowllan Blog office…right in the lobby of the WCC! I sat there for 4-hours just  waiting working, watching, writing and wondering…if I’ll ever get Internet access? People came by to introduce themselves to me and it was pretty […]

Bowllan’s Inauguration Coverage – Should I Have Brought The Kids?

What a day? It’s 7:51 pm and only now have I been able to access wireless service for my laptop.  That said, I spent the early part of the morning preparing for my trip to the inauguration, and was fortunate to have my husband and kids drive me – very early – to NYC’s, Penn Station, for a very […]

America The Beautiful: An Inaugural Birthday Present

Go ahead and ask. Why in the world would my sister sing on my blog? Here’s why: #1.  Tomorrow’s my birthday and I like hearing her sing; although I would NEVER tell her. *smile* #2.  I leave early Sunday morning for the inauguration and I asked my daughter, what’s one song you would want dedicated to  President-elect Barack […]

Wake Up: Teaching in the Obama Era

I thought about singing this song for my next video blog, but then quickly thought again, since laughing at my expense is not cool. But as I reflect on yesterday’s post, and teaching in the Obama era, this song is the one that came to mind. Grab some Kleenex before you watch the video.    I also wanted to hear from teachers, librarians, and everyday […]

Teaching in the Obama Era: My Dream – Video Blog#3

First, read the post, then watch the video blog. Again, I am just now starting to get the hang of how to record myself, edit the footage, and then post to the blog – all in preparation for my journey to the inauguration. By  the way, my inauguration  ball tickets came today!!! Whoo hoo! Okay, here’s the post. I […]

2009 Inauguration Lesson Plans: Video Blog#2

Yes. I am prepared  to go to Washington, DC., for the 2009 inauguration. Where I am staying and what I will have access to, at this point, is up-in-the-air. All I know is, today my Amtrak tickets came in the mail (as planned), which brings me one step closer to LIVING HISTORY as it unfolds.  ***Warning*** The video […]

Stop Complaining! "Are You Going To Finish Strong?"

My son left his lunch bag home this morning and I was furious, since I did not want to be late for work. And the rain wasn’t helping – driving was treacherous. Thankfully though, the anger I had only boiled inside. My son never even realized he left the bag until we were on our way back home, after dropping my daughter off at […]

Building Bridges: No More Fluff

One resolution I have for 2009 (and for every year after) is to share with readers, ONLY THAT information that is useful. And as we say in news, NO FLUFF! Which translates into, moi, posting about the cover story of me being one of sixteen to grace the cover of School Library Journal magazine, will be listed as the F word […]