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Eric Walters: Creation of Hope Project

Before President Obama was out on the campaign trail, getting the word HOPE to be a household name, critically acclaimed author and educator, Eric Walters, was out in the fields of Kenya, Africa, creating the Creation of Hope Project — an outreach program with a global education as the mission. Mr. Walters is my choice for everyday people doing […]

Ask Damon Weaver: What Does It Take To Report The News?

My fourth and fifth graders are in for a real treat today. They will be learning the proper skills one needs to report the news, and who better to help teach them than Florida elementary school  fifth grader and student reporter, Damon Weaver. If you’ll recall, Damon’s interview with the then senator, Joe Biden, gained him thousands of Youtube viewers!  (comes via […]

Dear Mr. President, It’s A Kidthing…

PLEASE – gosh – do not tell my daughter she missed this kidthing contest. Thousands of youngsters from around the globe participated in a Dear Mr. President project sponsored by the National Education Association and kidthing. Letters were written and pictures were drawn, from children ages 5-12, all in an effort to give Mr. Obama a piece of […]

Education Update: "An Open Letter to President Obama By Drew A. Bennett"

Dear Drew, Thank goodness the Oscars are over and the real issues are back on the Red Carpet, or the White House lawn – for that matter! I must say, your open letter to President Obama, regarding the importance of education, has inspired me more than you know! Thank you for this letter and hopefully, the […]

Teachermates: A Tool For Your Classroom

Is your school using Seth Weinberger’s, Innovations for Learning/Teachermates?  If you’ve never heard of teachermates — they are these small, inexpensive, hand-held devices that act as a computer would in the classroom. And during these tough budgetary times for schools, it is certainly worthy of exploring; especially if your school doesn’t have a substantial technology budget.  And of course, some have […]

Hip Hop Speaks to Children Wins NAACP Image Award in Poetry

Lately it seems like bad news has taken over the airwaves. Really! Just yesterday I was trying to find a GOOD, human interest story for my broadcast journalism students, to no avail. Anyway, today is another day and I was happy to receive this e-mail, since it’s always good to get feedback from previous blog posts: Hip Hop Speaks to Children Wins […]

Obama’s Favorite Books

My 4-day weekend was spent – literally – reading books and researching the news. Part of my mission was to ask Twitter and Facebook friends for their three, all-time favorite books. I know. It’s not a unique question but it is one that we should keep revisiting. Our students should continue to understand the importance of reading. And, […]

Stimulate The Stimulus Package: kidsheartauthors

Presidents’ Day is the perfect day to talk to kids about the LOVE OF BOOKS! President Obama and Abraham Lincoln are/were just two leaders of our country who love(d) books, which is why I think BOOKS can help stimulate the stimulus package. Over the weekend, Deborah Freedman Sloan wrote to me and shared the success of  kidsheartauthors day […]

My Facebook Lovers of Books – 2/14/09 – Heart Day!

Bowllan’s Valentine’s Day – Book LoveFest – visits Facebook friends’ faves, and keeps on growin’! Facebook friend, Ziana Bethune, shares her 3-favorite books:         Bowllan’s brother, and Facebook friend, Anthony, gave his 3-goodies:              My friend for life, Brian Pohill’s treats:           The lovely Shauna, LOVES…        

A Valentine’s Gift: Put Your HEART Into Books

What would Valentine’s Day be like without a good book to curl up with? And with the talk of books being one of the items (possibly) on the economic chopping block, let’s show them!!! My best friend, Allison Barksdale, came up with the idea for this post. And because it is Valentine’s Day – and I love her […]