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Stimulate The Stimulus Package: kidsheartauthors

Presidents’ Day is the perfect day to talk to kids about the LOVE OF BOOKS! President Obama and Abraham Lincoln are/were just two leaders of our country who love(d) books, which is why I think BOOKS can help stimulate the stimulus package.

Over the weekend, Deborah Freedman Sloan wrote to me and shared the success of  kidsheartauthors day (2/14/09). "This whole day was about celebrating the arts and independent book sellers.

Authors and illustrators came together to support the smart, energetic, talented people who work at our community bookshops and help feed our literary souls. With so many towns feeling the economic downturn (I just drove through a MA town with three stores vacant and boarded up), we want to make sure our downtown landscapes are busy with people getting together, sharing ideas and good times – and to show our local booksellers how much we need them. You can buy a book online, but an online purchase would never produce the smiles you see in the photos or the great conversations between authors, artists, booksellers and families that were had all over New England yesterday.  One bookseller told me that one of her young customers announced at the event that she learned so much from the author that she  is "going to be a writer!" Doesn’t get any better than that now, does it? 

(In front (left to right) are Laura Jacques and Gail Gauthier, and in the back, Nancy Tafuri, Sandra Horning, and (me) Deborah Freedman.)

For more feedback, see as we’ve posted responses there. Plus there’s a section of the site where the 100+ authors share why they love indies. Great stories and blurbs there."


***An Observation***
I know my Facebook and Twitter friend, Mitali Perkins, was there too? Mitali!!!? Where are you? Send me your photos!!!


  1. Mitali Perkins says:

    I think you heard from Deborah Sloan, my amazing buddy who donated her stellar publicity/promotional expertise to pull off this event — which sent 170-some authors and illustrators of children’s and YA books to 43 bookstores on V-Day. It was amazing!

    Lift the photos right off our site:

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    Yes, I did hear from her and somehow got the names mixed up – probably too much candy. :) Thanks for the link to your photos. Will post a little later.