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Obama’s Favorite Books

My 4-day weekend was spent – literally – reading books and researching the news. Part of my mission was to ask Twitter and Facebook friends for their three, all-time favorite books. I know. It’s not a unique question but it is one that we should keep revisiting. Our students should continue to understand the importance of
reading. And, while I am at it, I cannot forget the kidsheartauthors who devoted their Valentine’s Day to reading. Ironically, CBS News Anchor, Katie Couric, asked the now, President Obama, the same question, back in October. 


  1. Kakie says:

    Shamelessly, I love the Bur Bur and Friends children’s book series. [smile] But my one all time favorite is “The Giving Tree” because it speaks to the unconditional love that only a parent can know.

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    Well, Kakie, my daughter still is reading Bur Bur and Friends. :) Maybe you should send Sasha and Malia an autographed copy?