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Education Update: "An Open Letter to President Obama By Drew A. Bennett"

Dear Drew,

Thank goodness the Oscars are over and the real issues are back on the Red Carpet, or the White House lawn – for that matter!

I must say, your open letter to President Obama, regarding the importance of education, has inspired me more than you know! Thank you for this letter and hopefully, the "buck" won’t stop here. 

Here is a portion of Drew’s letter, which can be read in its entirety, here.

Mr. President, based on my experience, I would rank education over bailouts and stimulus packages as the most productive and permanent method of increasing the economic prosperity of individual communities and our nation as a whole. Additionally, I believe that the security of our democracy is directly tied to the education of our citizens. Therefore, I would ask that you elevate the importance of education by taking some specific actions.

Every president says that education is a priority, yet their actions in the Oval Office all too frequently indicate otherwise. It is time to move beyond the stimulus bill and focus on fundamental changes. My plea is that you realize the education of our citizens, from kindergarten to graduate school, is directly related to the well being of our country. Teachers are just as important as entertainers, two-year colleges are just as important as four-year colleges, and the subject of education is just as important as economic concerns and national security issues. 

Write to me Drew! I would love to hear more of your strategies, and I am sure my readers will welcome your insights.

Drew A. Bennett is chancellor of Missouri State University-West Plains