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Dear Mr. President, It’s A Kidthing…

PLEASE – gosh – do not tell my daughter she missed this kidthing contest. Thousands of youngsters from around the globe participated in a Dear Mr. President project sponsored by the National Education Association and kidthing. Letters were written and pictures were drawn, from children ages 5-12, all in an effort to give Mr. Obama a piece of their minds and a slice of their hearts. Take a look.

Download your free e-book copy of Dear Mr. President, right here. And for those students who didn’t make the cut, have your teachers and/or parents SEND ME YOUR LETTERS for an upcoming blog post!!!



  1. Amy, check out my blog post from today – I posted some pictures/letters that I did with my students this week!

    librarystew (dot) blogspot (dot)com

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    Thanks, Kathy, for the link. I will be posting your students’ work shortly.