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Eric Walters: Creation of Hope Project

Before President Obama was out on the campaign trail, getting the word HOPE to be a household name, critically acclaimed author and educator, Eric Walters, was out in the fields of Kenya, Africa, creating the
Creation of Hope Project — an outreach program with a global education as the mission. Mr. Walters is my
choice for everyday people doing amazing things.  This project began with a chance meeting with a young boy in a marketplace and the discovery that he was one of over 500 orphans in and around kikima – a small rural community in Kenya. These children live in the most desperate of situations – situations that for many seem to be hopeless. This brief encounter started a ground swell of activity. In continued discussion between community members in Kenya and people here in Canada we came up with a plan to help. We’ve created a children’s outreach program – The Creation of Hope Project. This program provides direct support, education, advocacy, micro-grants and micro-loans for children and their extended families throughout the region who are living at risk and on the edge." (comes via The Creation of Hope website

(Hat tip to Betsy Fraser)