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Obama and Lincoln: Linking A Lesson With The Two Presidents

Today, as we remember Abraham Lincoln on his 200th birthday – most likely – many teachers will be asking their students to compare Barack Obama to Lincoln.   AIM: Who had it worse? Is a good, critical thinking question for students to pursue, and yet there are others. What are you asking your students?    This video features "two presidential historians […]

School will likely lose its star librarian

Wiki Wit’ Me!

We all know that building back the economy is a top priority for the president. That message came out loud and clear during his first prime-time news address on Monday night. And while Mr. Obama is out there working to push the stimulus bill, I will continue to work and share with teachers how they can push their teaching to new […]

Schools And Cell Phones In The Obama Generation

Honestly, I’d be shocked if the first daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama, did not have their own cell phones. Just listen to this NPR piece, of their dad’s Technology Outlook, and hear what Mr. Obama – the then senator – thought about 21st century learning. And while his girls are today’s genners, in this digital age, I do doubt they […]

The Textbook Debate

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Mr. Obama And The Brown Crayon: "Even The Smallest Crayon Leaves A Mark."

Take a look around your school and tell me what color you see adorning the bulletin boards the most. Yes. The brown one. And not only is the brown crayon out of the box, so are the reds, the whites, and the blues.  Yesterday I decided to take a stroll around my school and was […]

The Obamas Are Out!

Just in case you missed the clip of the president and Michelle Obama reading to a group of 8-year olds, here you go. They appear to be genuinely happy to be out of the White House. I don’t blame them.

Current Events: The First Amendment In 2009

Hot off the press! And I wanted to share with you a project I am working on with my students. We’re studying the First Amendment in my broadcast journalism class and today the students were able answer some real, and relevant issues. It’s a timely lesson plan for upper school teachers. And part two of the lesson […]