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Why Michelle Obama’s Skin Color Matters? Watch A GIRL LIKE ME By Kiri Davis

Ever since Michelle Obama became the first lady, I’ve often wondered about Kiri Davis’s (the then 17-year old filmmaker) film, A Girl Like Me. This powerful film is a montage of black girls sharing their experiences about good vs bad hair, and what it’s like to live in their skin. Kiri also interviewed a group of younger children who time […]

Women’s History Month: ‘Go, Tell Michelle': Wisdom For The Future First Lady

Is the color of Michelle Obama’s skin something that needs to be taught in schools, or even talked about at the dinner tables?  Is it that important? Now that we have a first lady, who just so happens to be black, that aged-old topic of color – that has plagued the black communities for years – is […]

Women’s History Month: Michelle Obama asks, "What are you going to do?"

Watch the video! Michelle Obama, whether she knows it or not, is helping teachers to teach students how to ask the question, "What will I do in life to help someone else in need?" "It’s not just about me." She so eloquently states. The first lady defines the importance of humility, struggle, and letting your own light shine. Take a […]

Women’s History Month — Michelle Obama Opens Doors.

Michelle Obama and I share the same birthday — January 17. How cool is that? And, that has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just wanted to share that little piece of connectivity I have with the first lady.  What I have been doing since my last diary postings was reflecting on Women’s History […]

Women’s History Month: Michelle Obama: Opening Doors

Michelle Obama and I share the same birthday — January 17. How cool is that? And, that has nothing to do with this post. I just wanted to share that little piece of connectivity I have with the first lady. What I have been doing since my last diary postings was reflecting on Women’s History Month, and realizing how […]

My Story Concludes – The Amy [Bowllan] Diaries: Teach Like A Reporter

I started blogging for School Library Journal back in May of 2005, and while it was a bold and a daring venture for the magazine (based on an idea I pitched to them), a few in the librarian community were confused by the initiative. Some said, "She’s not even a librarian."  Angry e-mails poured in as to why a librarian wasn’t […]

Women’s History Month – The Amy [Bowllan] Diaries: The Real Teacher

After Abby’s death, I spent that year guest lecturing at various colleges and high schools across the state — sharing with students Abby’s dreams and aspirations. HE was supposed to be a teacher, not me, or so I thought. Well wishes came in from all over the world. Even Nelson Mandela wrote to me expressing his condolences. He actually […]

Women’s History Month: The Amy [Bowllan] Diaries – Are you born to teach?

“Teachers are born. They are not made,” was a quote my high school tennis coach told me all the time. She also told me that I was born to teach. Now, with13-years vested, I must say, she was absolutely right.   I was, however, also born to be a news person. Why do we push our […]

Women’s History Month – The Amy Diaries: Why Teach?

After all the presidential hoopla, and the inauguration, Dr. Jill Biden decided to return to the classroom. (((Ego says….))) Why in the world would she do that? What’s the matter with her? Jill, honey, right now you should be living it up. No she shouldn’t! Now’s the perfect time to get into the trenches and put education […]

Women’s History Month: Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice by Phillip Hoose

Little was known about Claudette Colvin’s (pronounced CALLVin) refusal to give up her seat on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama, until now.  Nonfiction Author, Phillip Hoose, introduces us to yet another woman pioneer – who for many of us – did not learn about in school. And what I learned just about a month ago (better late than never) was that […]