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Women’s History Month – The Amy Diaries: Why Teach?

After all the presidential hoopla, and the inauguration, Dr. Jill Biden decided to return to the classroom.
Rafael Pi Roman And Amy Bowllan (This was an on-air audition and job I did not get) :(
(((Ego says….)))
Why in the world would she do that? What’s the matter with her? Jill, honey, right now you should be living it up.

No she shouldn’t! Now’s the perfect time to get into the trenches and put education first, so kudos to you, Dr. Biden!

I’ve been teaching now for thirteen glorious years, and yes, some days are better than others. BUT, to me, there is absolutely no job more rewarding. This is not to say that doctors who save lives, our troops serving overseas, and others – but teaching – I must say – is in "class" all by itself.

My story…

I decided to enter the teaching profession, years after spending time as a news person. I did it all (except anchoring). Reporting and researching the news was a passion of mine that started when I was very young. I was a kid who was obsessed with the news — especially the stories where children were involved.  I can still remember being a little girl, and reading about the rescue efforts of a young boy who fell into a well in his backyard. And while that story still haunts me today, what it did was helped me to define my passions: Kids and News. 

Years later, and after being completely absorbed with all aspects news and how television works, I decided on a career change.
And let me just say it was a change that didn’t go over too well with many people. 

My Story continues tomorrow, and feel free ask questions.


  1. Lois Gottfried Greene says:

    What a great beginning to a inspiring story…Thanks for telling me how to get here!!!:)