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Women’s History Month: The Amy [Bowllan] Diaries – Are you born to teach?

“Teachers are born. They are not made,” was a quote my high school tennis coach told me all the time. She also told me that I was born to teach. Now, with13-years Amy and Abby - 5 months before his murder - M/B/DOA 7/20/95vested, I must say, she was absolutely right.


I was, however, also born to be a news person. Why do we push our students to focus on one career when  they can (and should), do it all? Yes they can!


Anyway, I am rambling because there’s so much to say regarding WHY I left journalism and became a teacher. 

Here’s the quick, Twitter version as to the career change…"when Amy, you had  the world right in front of you?" (I heard that a lot.)

In one word – FAMILY.  The 90’s were tumultuous times for my family and quite frankly, they needed me.  A quick, bulleted breakdown:


1) I decided to have a family, and did not want to be a parent, on-call, waiting for my beeper to go off to cover breaking news, and not know when I would return home. (Beepers preceded cell-phones for those of you 20-years old and younger) :)

2) My mother needed my help with my father who had suffered a brain-stem stroke, not too long before I landed my first on-air gig for KNXV-TV in AZ.

3) Just four months after leaving my  first reporter’s job in Phoenix, my youngest brother, Abby, was murdered by a convicted felon, with a rap sheet as long as you can imagine. 

So now, with Abby’s name being added to the long list of victims of violence (stories I covered in my career) – his murder started to shed light as to what I needed to do with my life, and what working as a journalist had taught, and prepared me to do. We don’t always see it at the time, it took years to figure this out.


Hence my teaching career and my reporter’s cap kicked into high-gear at the moment I received the call that my baby brother "Abby has been shot in the back of the head and Amy, it doesn’t look good." 

More tomorrow.


  1. CHRISTINA says:


  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    My brother, Abby!! I told you that already 😉

  3. Amy Bowllan says:

    My brother, Abby!! I told you that already 😉