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My Story Concludes – The Amy [Bowllan] Diaries: Teach Like A Reporter

I started blogging for School Library Journal back in May of 2005, and while it was a bold and a daring venture for the magazine (based on an idea I pitched to them), a few in the librarian community were confused by the initiative. Some said, "She’s not even a librarian."  Angry e-mails poured in as to why a librarian wasn’t
blogging for the leading magazine of technology and book reviews – those were hurtful times for me. I couldn’t understand their arguments. Here I was, an accomplished journalist, and an educator, who worked with both librarians and teachers. And my thought was, sometimes the best person to tell stories, is an objective outsider. No, I am not perfect, and as one commenter pointed out to me, years ago, "Your ideas are ill conceived and poorly written."  

Oh well. You cannot please everybody.

All in all, my main goal was to put my reporter’s cap on, and report on the wonderful world of education. Another goal was to spotlight those in the educational field whose voices were not being heard. Thankfully, SLJ gave me the opportunity to voice, and a platform to share the news with my readers.  

We have grown. Our audience of readers spans the globe and are from all professions, and walks of life. 

So I close this series with the notion that if librarians, teachers, parents, and students, understand that they, too, are reporters — in their respective fields, then researching, fact-checking, asking questions, and delivering the goods — with lead to 21st century learning and technological literacy. So go out there and TEACH LIKE A REPORTER! Thanks for letting me share with you.  


  1. Lois Gottfried Greene says:

    I loved the Amy diaries! I am still at a complete loss for words about the senseless death of your brother. I am always speechless when I hear about these tragedies. But you with your voice spread the word about your brother and the other victims in this unfortunate world of violence and what needs to be done to stop it!

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    I love you, LOIS! And thank YOU, for the time you took, reading these entries. It gave me perspective that, indeed, education matters. xoxox :)

  3. christina says:

    great story mom!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Thank you for sharing that information. As you know, I know what it is to lose someone to a violent death so I can relate. Honoring those we have lost is such an important piece in the grief process and your stories prove that you are one who perseveres. Not allowing ourselves to be victims empowers us. It is what those we have lost would want us to do. I think you are terrific!!

  5. Samantha Vamos says:

    Amy, I really enjoyed the Diaries and just wanted to share that opinion. I read SLJ because I’m a children’s writer and I discovered your writing one day. Then, upon reading your profile, I realized (to my shock) you are at Hewitt. My close friend’s daughters (my ”

  6. Amy Bowllan says:

    Thank you, Samantha! Please send along your writings, as I look forward to reading your work. Hewitt is my inspiration!