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Women’s History Month — Michelle Obama Opens Doors.

Michelle Obama and I share the same birthday — January 17. How cool is that? And, that has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just wanted to share that little piece of connectivity I have with the first lady. 

What I have been doing since my last diary postings was reflecting on Women’s History Month, and realizing how important it is to profile women who have made, or are making a difference in this world.  And first lady Michelle, shares a common interest of mine — the importance of opening up [even more] the floodgates of education.  

She is sending a strong message to our young people that YOU, matter! 

“In another star-packed, White House-coordinated event, first lady Michelle Obama and a line-up of A-list stars — including Alicia Keyes, Sheryl Crow, Debbie Allen and Alfre Woodard — plan to fan out to Washington-area schools on Thursday, where they will speak with students about setting career goals and reaching their dreams.


The events are part of the first lady’s celebration of Women’s History Month." (comes via The Washington Post)

I am digging deep to find out why Mrs. Obama is so passionate about today’s students. More on her story, tomorrow.