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Wenda the Wacky Wiggler by Christopher Aslan with illustrations by Emily Mullock

Believe it or not, one of my goals in life is to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. I just LOVE TO DANCE! Don’t you remember the Biden ball?  Well, Wenda the Wacky Wiggler  by Christopher Aslan with illustrations by Emily Mullock (BENJAMIN brown books, December 2008) loves to dance too, and once I read her story, I fell […]

Tweeting In A Language Other Than Your Own

Now that Oprah is on Twitter, it’s probably safe to say that everyone knows what a tweet is, right? If not, send me a comment and I will explain how it works.  Permission for this post was granted by my friend Felipe Morales, who teaches in the Canary Islands.  abowllan@felipemorales I am writing a blog post […]

The Susan Boyle-ism Lesson Plan

I am sure you’ll agree. The Susan Boyle phenomenon has TEACHABLE MOMENT written ALL over it. Goodness! Any educator, or parent, really wouldn’t need a lesson plan to teach, why this is an important issue to discuss. There’s an obvious question worth trying to answer. Why are looks, so important to people?  Open the dialogue: Who defines beauty? would be my number […]

What is the American Dream? Students want to know.

When my grandparents on my dad’s side came to America (through Ellis Island), from Jamaica, the fact that they bought their own homes was just one testament to them that they had "arrived." Their goals for achieving the American dream was finally IN REACH.  Take a look at the video, it speaks to a different idea on […]

My Hippo Has the HICCUPS by Kenn Nesbitt

I cannot believe it’s the middle of April, already, and I am JUST NOW sitting to write about April National Poetry Month!  (((Shame on ME!)))  My publicist pal, Paul Samuelson, sent me (MONTHS AGO), My Hippo Has the HICCUPS by Kenn Nesbitt (Sourcebooks 2009). The first copy he sent, mysteriously disappeared into my home-life-mayhem, thanks to my […]

My Notes: 2009 NYSAIS Diversity Conference

A week ago today, I sat at the NYSAIS Diversity Conference held at the Lycee Francais school, in NYC. The topic, What is Privilege?: Race, Ability, Gender, Age, Class, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Ethnicity and Other. One of the keynote speeches was delivered by Rev. Dr. Andrea Ayvazian who is Senior Pastor of the Haydenvill Congregational Church in Western Massachusetts. Ayvazian […]

Using Flip Videos In The Classroom

I have to apologize for my delay in posting my conference diversity resources. It’s a busy time of year, but I do promise – pinky swear – to have them posted later this evening. I did, however, have time to videotape myself – yet again – on why I use flip videos in the classroom. One of my Twitter […]

ERASE-ism & A Look @Live Tweets and @RTs

I am being brutally honest when I say that I do notice a person’s looks when I first meet them. Does a person’s looks matter to me? Not at all – at least I’d like to think I am pious and altruistic. But you know what? Maybe looks do matter to me, and I am just lying to […]

Mitali Perkins: "My mother never showed her legs in public."

The only way we will begin to get past the elephant-in-the-room issue about RACE, in the classroom, is to read Mitali Perkins’s, Straight Talk on Race: Challenging the Stereotypes in Kids’ Books.  Mitali Perkins’s article is the featured, cover story on School Library Journal magazine. Go, Mitali! It’s OH-SO-BOLD! Mitali takes the issue of  RACE and rips it right out of her own closet! She also addresses the need to  "…spur […]

Ann C. Searcy: WE BECOME OUR POSSIBILITIES by Guest Blogger, Agy Wilson

While we say good bye to Women’s History Month and welcome National Poetry Month, I’d like to welcome, a friend and a guest blogger, Agy Wilson, who shared with me the story – in both pictures and stories – the remarkable life of  Ann Cummings Searcy. A woman who lived like poetry in motion.  Agy writes… Ann Cummings Searcy lived and taught in […]