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ERASE-ism & A Look @Live Tweets and @RTs

I am being brutally honest when I say that I do notice a person’s looks when I first meet them. Does a person’s looks matter to me? Not at all – at least I’d like to think I am pious and altruistic. But you know what? Maybe looks do matter to me, and I am just lying to myself when I say that they don’t.
I know I can be judgmental at times and I also grapple with demons. Do I stereotype? Am I racist? Should we tell children that we are born judgmental?  

Are you?  I know I cannot help my level of being judgmental. From the time I was little, LOOKS mattered. Did they matter in your house? Who was the prettiest, thinnest, straightest hair, lightest eyes, etc. 
You get my point. 

So in class, when I address the issue of race with my students (and with my own children), I tell them that I, too, am guilty of judging people – and that I, too, am a work-in-progress. And that maybe I need to ERASE some of my own stereotypes.

The website, Erase-isms has practical tips to 
Promote Racial Harmony (use these in your classes)

1) Speak up when you hear a racist remark

2) Avoid racial and cultural stereotyping

3) Develop relationships with people of other races

4) Value Differences by attending events of another culture

5) Take time to reflect on your own biases and stereotypes  (image and tips comes via Erase-isms)

Changing gears, slightly…

So here I was at a diversity conference last Friday (sponsored by the NYSAIS), and live tweeted the keynote speakers.  If you are new to Twitter, the following thread probably looks like a maze of some sort, but what it is is a thread of tweets and retweets from me and a few of people who follow me – while the conference was happening, live. 

What’s the point?

There are enormous benefits in live tweeting, 1) professional development costs  2) global connectedness and the sharing of information with the world  3) keeping a record of the most meaningful portions of a conference  4) you can always refer back to your "notes."  

Here are some of my notes, thanks to Twitter.

  WhitenandikerriRT @abowllan: "We are socialized to not be outspoken critics–just absorb and believe."

  • Kerri RichardsonWhitenandikerriRT @abowllan: "cultural racism is what our students breathe in everyday."

  • Kerri RichardsonWhitenandikerriRT @abowllan: "Allies investigate, are committed, and notice racism by omission… committed to act and work with others."

  • Kerri RichardsonWhitenandikerriRT @abowllan: "with privilege we are dealt a hand that is rigged by chance."

  • arvind s groverWhitearvind@abowllan – I move so fast I’m a blur! And how did you catch me for the 30 seconds I was at the podium? I was w

  • Kerri RichardsonWhitenandikerri@abowllan would love to see more tweet reflections from the NYSAIS Diversity Conference today- is there a hashtag in use?

  • Ira SocolWhiteirasocol@abowllan does "colorblind" mean we think everyone should be measured against "white" standards? That’s always the danger I see

  • Jason GreenWhitejasongreen@abowllan Although being in a private school environment shapes the discussion considerably, I’d imagine.

  • Jason GreenWhitejasongreen@abowllan Trying to get a handle on what they mean by privilege. If any difference is privilege, does that make the term meaningless?

  • arvind s groverWhitearvind@abowllan the book rec was: Parker Palmer – Let Your Life Speak

  • Stacy HunterWhiteKStacy@abowllan can you elaborate on ‘We all are privileged bc we’re not multi-targeted’ when you have a chance?

    I also thought it was important for you to take a little peek inside Twitter. Especially if you’re still teetering as to whether or not to sign up.

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    1. Hi Amy, I belong to a group in the Twin Cities called “The Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul” and we meet once per month. Everyone brings their laptops and takes notes from speakers as well as ask questions in real time (instead of raising hands). Our hashtag is #smbmsp. It has shown me the benefits to using twitter in realtime. I like going back over my notes because I am typing info that is meaningful to me.

      I look forward to your posts this week and will be interested to see your expansion on the conference and the tweets.