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Tweeting In A Language Other Than Your Own

Now that Oprah is on Twitter, it’s probably safe to say that everyone knows what a tweet is, right? If not, send me a comment and I will explain how it works. 

Permission for this post was granted by my friend Felipe Morales, who teaches in the Canary Islands. 
aboddenbowllanabowllan@felipemorales I am writing a blog post and would like to include you. Is this okay? It’s about tweeting in a foreign language.
Felipe Moralesfelipemorales@abowllan Sí, por supuesto, es Ok. Usted puede incluir lo que le apetezca de mi actividad es Twitter.
So the other day, a friend of mine told me that MOI, tweeting in "foreign" languages annoyed her. HUH? Why would that annoy you? I gasped! Her response, "I don’t know. It just bugs me." (((Hater!))) Okay.
Here’s what a typical language "tweet in another language" looks like. Does this bug you? By the way, Felipe Morales is a philosophy professor and is always tweeting about cool tools for educators to use in the classroom. He has a wealth of resources that should not be overlooked because of a language barrier. Those days are over! He is also mi amigo, who has taught me plenty. 

  1. aboddenbowllan
    abowllanRT @felipemorales @abowllan Sí, tiene mucho sentido. Éste es el blog del que le habléhttp://threesixtyfivecountd… Por fin lo encontré!!!

  2. Felipe Moralesfelipemorales@abowllan Sí, tiene mucho sentido. Éste es el blog del que le hablé http://threesixtyfivecountd… Por fin lo encontré!!!

  3. Felipe Moralesfelipemorales@abowllan Sí, es cierto. Una profesora de Australia tiene un blog y los post son una foto cada día. A la foto le hace un comentario.

    How do I do it? And why? 

    Simply stated, I use a free, online language translator and enter in my English tweets in any language I want. COOL! It’s translates them for me instantaneously. 

    Why do I do it?

    Well, one, I believe that we are a global community of educators with a common interest: learning from each other and teaching what we learned. And English is just ONE out of thousands of languages that opens that door to learning. 

  4. Two, what student couldn’t benefit from being able to ask any question, from anyone, from anywhere in the world? What do you think?