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BookExpo America 2009: A Photo Journal (Part 1)

My Facebook and Twitter friends knew that on Friday I was in a panic. BookExpo 2009 was happening and the Bowllan’s Blogger wasn’t there. But thanks to one of my blog gurus, Dan Blank, he was able to get me a press pass pretty darn quickly. Go, Dan!   So yesterday I was able to spend the entire day at the Jacob Javitz […]

Books Are The Fabergés: an open letter to my son

To my son, Didn’t we have a great time on Saturday, at the Princeton University Library?! I had never visited Princeton, so this was such a treat to spend my first visit there – with you. *heart* I don’t think I told you how we actually were able to be in attendance at this very exclusive event […]

Schools First is a national awards program

If my Australian readers are out there, this is very cool! *Of course I am being presumptuous.* 😉 But over at Susan Polgar’s Chess Daily News and Information blog, there’s a post about Schools First – The Castlemaine success.  The program provides the following: Financial recognition of success in establishing effective school-community partnerships; and Financial […]

LISTEN: And Your Memorial Day Will End On A Good NOTE

Get a Kleenex before you view the video! Yesterday I visited the graves of my deceased loved ones, and while I went from plot to plot, my mother shared the oral history of each of our loved ones. Friends, keep sharing stories with your students and your children about their family members. They, those stories, from the "people who were […]

Getting Kids To Read: The Parent-Child Book Club

Originally, this week’s posts were supposed to be devoted to kids and reading.  By the way, just this once, is it okay for me to refer to kids as "kids?" I ask because whenever parents, or teachers, casually refer to their children/students as kids, it doesn’t bother me, one bit. Let me know on the "kid" issue. Now, for my […]

Swine Flu: Libraries To The Rescue & Lesson Plans You Can Use @Home

It saddens me that some of my Queens neighbors are out of school this week due to the H1N1 (swine flu) outbreak. And The New York Times is now reporting that local libraries in my area are coming to the rescue for many of the school children, and some of whom are left alone with nothing to do. In […]

‘GLEE’ Fox’s New High School Comedy

TEACHERS!!!??? Did you get a sneak peek at ‘Glee,’ the new, Fox television show, which debuted last night, and supposedly is ranking at the top of the class with teachers. Why all the buzz? Fill me in. Has anyone seen it yet?

Michelle Obama: "This is your place too."

I had to slap myself today. I teach my students and my children that it’s not right to prejudge people, or their intentions. It’s simply wrong. And what did I do? Fell right into one of my sarcastic moments of "judging," after seeing a headline about the first lady’s visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I don’t know […]

How To Get Boys To Read

You can call me a hater, but whenever I meet a parent who tells me their son(s) is an avid reader, I tend to get a little jealous. Both of my kids love books but to be honest, if asked which do they prefer, using computers, over reading, the computer would probably be their first choice. Am I alone?  Does […]

Black Boys Are In Crisis? It depends on who you ask.

Paul Mondesire writes for The Loop blog and recently posted about how one School tackles the young black boys crisis.  Mondesire writes, "One of the most powerful and destructive misconceptions about people of color in this country is that our men don’t care about the next generation. There is always talk in the news and in our […]