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Hannah Montana: The Movie & A Wiki Lesson Plan

I just created a wiki/lesson plan for the newly released Hannah Montana: The Movie. Listen, I had to because I absolutely adored it!

And after enduring weeks of evil looks from my daughter, I finally caved and took her to see Hannah Montana:
The Movie
on Sunday night. I even tried to hide from her, via a nap, and still couldn’t get out of it. The negative publicity about Miley Cyrus was certainly a factor, then it dawned on me, who am I to judge her? Here I am making snap generalizations about somebody without even reading the full reports. But that’s another story.

Throughout the movie I had a great time dancing, singing, crying and clapping. Needless to say, it’s a family movie and well worth the G-rating it deserves…another teachable moment.

***A post note***
Wetpaint’s website is in the process of removing the unwanted ads.

In the meantime, send me your thoughts and critiques on a lesson plan using a Wetpaint wiki, devoted to Hannah Montana: The Movie.