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Bowllan’s Blog Turns 4 Tomorrow!

When I was little my mother used to call me her HAUNT because I could never get enough of her. I was always My Parents On Their Wedding Daywriting letters and drawing pictures of ME & NONNY [That’s what I called her. She was mine]. In my mind, no one else existed. Mind you, I had a ton of siblings and they never made it into my pictures. So the fact that my blog falls on Mother’s Day this year is fine with me. I like to share stories about my mother who is a nurse and a teacher. And if you’ll recall last year’s post, on this very day, my mom was in a monastic life 

Bowllan’s Blog from May 9, 2008 "Please meet Sr. Camille – yes, my mom is a nun and she is special because after raising ten children she entered a cloistered monastery to pray for peace in the world. And while I am not able to speak to her often, her spirit is felt. Thanks, mom!" 
My family in the early 1970s (there are 3 of my cousins not in this photo)
May 10, 2008
In response to: Happy Mother’s Day, Sr. Camille!
Joanne Bodden commented:
Camille Grace Stoney started her life in Brooklyn as the second daughter to Robert & Ruth Stoney. When she was 8 years old her parents introduced her to a life in a boarding school in a convent : Mt. Providence. This was a water shed event in her life. Camille was so saddened by being separated from her parents and her life in Brooklyn; that she went out alone, to nearby field and fashioned two bobby pins in the sign of the Cross and prayed with heart and soul to go back home. I bet she made promises to God. Who knew how that action would ignite a deep love and commitment and a life that is a testimony to faith and God’s Love for us all. Camille went on to: marry, mother 7 children, raise 10, earn her Nursing Degree – followed by her Master’s degree while taking in her sister’s three children. She played a lot of competitive tennis and wrote extensively. She recently retired from her Professorship of Nursing at Queensboro Community College and has achieved countless awards and recognitions in her life. After her youngest son was murdered in 1995 a new cross was being fashioned in her heart. In 2003 she buried her husband and by 2005, decided to enter the Monastery life. Full circle huh? There is so much more to write about her but this is the story I wanted to share here~ hope you enjoy meeting Camille, my mother and a remarkable woman. God bless you and keep you I love you . Joanne

MY mom! Happy Mother's Day Mom and Welcome Home!This comment was left by my sister and I am happy to report that my mom is NOW home and no longer a nun. The best blog birthday gift I could have ever wished for this year. 

Now, let me get to drawing a nice picture for my mom for Mother’s Day.


  1. Happy 4th!!! Congrats, and I love you. :) You do an amazing job with this blog.


  2. Dan Blank says:

    Happy anniversary Amy!!!! And happy mothers day too!

  3. Happy Blog Birthday, Amy! I have enjoyed reading every single post you’ve written.