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Michelle Obama: "This is your place too."

I had to slap myself today. I teach my students and my children that it’s not right to prejudge people, or their intentions. It’s simply wrong. And what did I do? Fell right into one of my sarcastic moments of "judging," after seeing a headline about the first lady’s visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I don’t know what happened. I saw her surrounded by prominent figures and couldn’t resist. First watch the clip, then read why I was deserving of the slap.

After finding out Michelle Obama was in town on Monday – in an effort to promote the arts in education – my sinister side immediately kicked in, right when my eyes caught the NYT’s articleSure she is, I thought.

Here’s the conversation I had with myself, which reeked of sarcasm. Bad! Bad! Bad, Amy!

SELF’s stream of consciousness —> Oh no. Here SHE IS, the first lady graced us with her presence, promoting the arts and looking beautiful — when she should be hitting the streets, and helping the kids who need her! Michelle is always surrounded by the rich and famous, prominent figures.

I went on and on, until I read, THIS…

"The president and I want to ensure that all children have access to great works of art," she told a crowd that included students from four New York City public schools that focus on the arts. "We want all children who believe in their talent to see a way to create a future for themselves in the arts community, either as a hobby or as a profession." (via By Rachel L. Swarns NYT)
"Three of the invited children got hugs from the first lady as they stood with her for the ribbon cutting. She told them: "This is your place, too."

and THIS…

(((The joke is that I have tremendous admiration for Mrs. Obama and all of her fine works. I do, however, have major work to do on myself.))) 

More on my book drive tomorrow.