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Swine Flu: Libraries To The Rescue & Lesson Plans You Can Use @Home

It saddens me that some of my Queens neighbors are out of school this week due to the H1N1 (swine flu) outbreak. And The New York Times is now reporting that local libraries in my area are coming to the rescue FluTrackerfor many of the school children, and some of whom are left alone with nothing to do.

In her article, Flu Closings Failing to Keep Schoolchildren at Home, Julie Bosman writes,"Students have popped up among adults in stores, parks and libraries, places they are often forbidden to visit unsupervised.  At libraries in Queens, staff members normally accustomed to questioning truants have relaxed their rules to accommodate a sudden influx of children." 

As much as students LOVE to not LOVE being in school, being at home can get boring pretty quickly, so I am posting a few online lesson plans for teachers and parents. If more are needed, shoot me an e-mail, or send me a tweet.
It’s my civic duty.  & 

By the way, these are ALL self-directed, online learning activities – very little directives are needed.

Mae Jemison Lesson Plan – (High School)
Hannah Montana Lesson Plan – for when you’re pulling your hair out 😉  (Any grade) 
Susan Boyle Lesson Plan – (Grades 5-12)

Online Lesson Plan (Grades 3-4) 
Lesson Plan:

Keyboarding Practice: Please visit the following site and complete lessons 5, 6, & 7 

ACTIVITY 1) It is time to sort sentences with a fox who needs help making his way through this maze. Please spend 15-min at THIS SITE.

ACTIVITY 2) Click the Vowel Digraphs and see if you can listen to the correct vowel sound. CLICK HERE. 

ACTIVITY 3) Even though you are home, you can still have a SPELLING BEE! See how you do. CLICK HERE.

ACTIVITY 4) Jungle Jim is waiting for you to help him with Multiplication Facts. CLICK HERE.

ACTIVITY 5) These story problems are a challenge. You will need scrap paper to help you answer the questions. CLICK HERE.