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LISTEN: And Your Memorial Day Will End On A Good NOTE

Get a Kleenex before you view the video!

Yesterday I visited the graves of my deceased loved ones, and while I went from plot to plot, my mother shared the oral history of each of our loved ones. Friends, keep sharing stories with your students and your children about their family members. They, those stories, from the "people who were there" are better than books on tape. 

Also, one of my Twitter friends, Dr. Couros, posted the following video on his blog – which caught me off guard – hence the Kleenex mention above. 

Dr. Couros writes, "Here is yet another compelling reason why we should encourage posting student work to the Web. Enjoy this beautiful cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide from elementary students of the PS22 Chorus in New York City."

Enjoy, and thank you, Dr. Couros! This Memorial Day ended on a high note!