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Schools First is a national awards program

If my Australian readers are out there, this is very cool! *Of course I am being presumptuous.* 😉

But over at Susan Polgar’s Chess Daily News and Information blog, there’s a post about Schools FirstThe Castlemaine success

The program provides the following:

  • Financial recognition of success in establishing effective school-community partnerships; and
  • Financial support to build stronger school-community partnerships.

In support of the awards and their objective, Schools First will also:

  • Provide regional workshops to support schools and communities to form or strengthen partnerships and prepare submissions for an award;
  • Showcase successful partnerships as a means of inspiring other school communities; and
  • Assist in developing a "knowledge bank" of resources on which school communities can draw.

And it’s open to all Australian primary and secondary schools, whether they’re public or private, special needs, religious or independent. (comes via Susan Polgar Chess Daily News And Information)

Later I will be posting my own chess updates. It’s a mother & son kind of post, and makes me teary when I sit to write.