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Using "Correct Language" And "People First" by Ira David Socol

Ira David Socol is a blogger over at SpeEdChange, he’s also a twitter friend of mine who recently put me in my place when I tweeted about a diversity issue. His response was to something I tweeted about in regards to "correct language" and it prompted me to ask him more questions about the issue. Just so you know, CL is something […]

Hannah Montana Is WHITE! Who cares?

When I was growing up, I never looked at Nancy Drew as being "white." She was, however, smart, resourceful, and in my opinion, a lot like me because I loved solving mysteries!  Let me fast forward to today. My daughter’s fascination with the Hannah Montana series has her feverishly reading, On the Road (Hannah Montana #14) by Kitty Richards (Disney Press September 23, 2008). In regards to genre, it’s […]

Bowllan’s Blog Turns 4 Tomorrow!

When I was little my mother used to call me her HAUNT because I could never get enough of her. I was always writing letters and drawing pictures of ME & NONNY [That’s what I called her. She was mine]. In my mind, no one else existed. Mind you, I had a ton of siblings and they […]

Mae Jemison: A Wise Rant And A Lesson Plan Too

Should science and art be taught together? I LOVE a good rant. I also LOVE learning from someone who is smart and knows what she’s talking about. Mae Jemison, the astronaut, doctor, art collector and dancer is not only "keeping it real" about science and the arts, she is also an awesome public speaker with a delightful […]

Hannah Montana: The Movie & A Wiki Lesson Plan

I just created a wiki/lesson plan for the newly released Hannah Montana: The Movie. Listen, I had to because I absolutely adored it! And after enduring weeks of evil looks from my daughter, I finally caved and took her to see Hannah Montana: The Movie on Sunday night. I even tried to hide from her, via a nap, and still couldn’t […]

My Susan Boyle Grammatical Controversy

The two Emmys I received for broadcast journalism were (obviously) not  for exposing the grammar goons. That would have forced me to turn the camera on myself. lol  I do, however, work hard to perfect the grammar craft. But before I get into that drama, I am happy to report that my lesson plan on Susan Boyle has received favorable mentions on the […]