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Boys and Handwriting AND a Handwriting Expert

Yesterday’s post – The Art of Handwriting and Today’s Students – generated some great ideas and good points to follow-up on in the future. Here are two comments I received that piqued my interest:

In response to: The Art of Handwriting AND Today’s Students
Sam Grumont commented:

You’re right about the need to practice a skill if it is to be developed. I enjoy handwriting because of the graphic look and pleasure I get from handwriting. I also learnt to touch type and I think if kids are to use keyboards effectively typing should be taught.                                           I like this —>

In one primary school I visited the kids excitedly told me that they were really improving their typing skills by using the old Pitman Typing books, because it gets you typing and not doing all the bells and whistles things when you get something right. 

I’ve often found boys in particular improve their writing when they can use keyboards instead of having to handwrite.  <—– and this, especially since I have been posting about boys and reading recently.
But this was the comment I was selfishly awaiting:

In response to:
 The Art of Handwriting AND Today’s Students
Kate Gladstone commented:

I probably qualify as a handwriting expert — or so say the schools (in the USA and Canada) and hospitals (USA only, so far) that hire me to teach legible rapid handwriting to everyone from 5-year-olds to MDs.

Kate Gladstone —

Did I strike gold or what? Can you guess <— what my summer project is?

***Thanks, Sam, and Kate, for sharing these resources.*** 


  1. Kate Gladstone says:

    Those interested in handwriting may enjoy checking out the handwriting instruction/remediation software that I’ve now helped produce for the iPhone. I can’t put an HTML link here, so go to the iPhone’s App Store in iTunes and type these two words (the name of the app) into the search window: Better Letters