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Father’s Day Teachers

My father was definitely my first teacher. He instilled in me: discipline, the love of learning, the honor of defeat, and 5058 111395016677 663736677 2854020 2776935 s Fathers Day Teachersthe compassion to care causes. Dad was also instrumental in taking me to play tennis, which resulted in me receiving a tennis scholarship to college.  My father was also a humanist. I remember as a little girl, when someone dropped something, or needed assistance, he would gesture to me, with his head, for me to go and pick it up. He was a great man indeed. My dad is deceased but his memory lives on.

So on this Father’s Day, I wanted to share some goodies that are hot-off-the-press.

Fathers & Sons & Sports: Great Writing by Buzz Bissinger, John Ed Bradley, Bill Geist, Donald Hall, Mark Kriegel, Norman Maclean, and others by Mike Lupica (Random House Publishing Group, May 2009) is getting good reviews.  "As proof, there is yet another book on this very same subject. Only this time, it offers a twist as well as a sense of relief, because the topic isn’t just about baseball, but father-son relationships involving different sports. It’s titled,  Fathers Day Teachersappropriately, "Fathers & Sons & Sports." And because it’s Father’s Day, this book not only would be a great gift for dad, but a great read, too. That’s because the book doesn’t have just one author, but 24 writers sharing their remembrances of what it was like growing up with the man in the house.  (Review: Two dozen sports reminiscences ponder the father-son connection By Dave Newhouse

And, actor, Alec Baldwin, is also reflecting on the life of his father, who among many things, was a teacher.

"My dad taught "social studies," as they were referred to back then. History, economics, constitutional law, contemporary problems. My father taught them all. He was a much admired teacher during those years. So much so that, twice, the editors of the school yearbook dedicated their editions to him, a tribute normally reserved for faculty that had either died or retired." (via the Huffington Post ->Remembering My Father by Alec Baldwin)  <—an inspirational read

To all of my readers who are also dads, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!