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One of my colleagues is on a mission to use his Ancient and Medieval Worlds (Helen Howe & Robert T. Howe, Longman, 1987) out-of-print, textbook, as a secondary resource – for his students in the fall. I took one look at the text and thought, Wow!? Is this for AP students? He said, no, "8th graders." Huh?

Okay, and no comment on that. But in all honestly – it’s a tough book – even for me to read.

So this summer, what I am going to do for him, and his students, will hopefully make their year more interesting. With the help of some online resources, I promised him that his text will remain on the shelf, where it belongs. (OKAY, I said it.) 

Here’s what I have so far, a copendium if you will, for Chapter 1 -TIGRIS-EUPHRATES RIVER VALLEY CIVILIZATION

More on Mesopotamia

Ancient Egypt
Printable Quiz on Ancient River Civilizations 

True or False Questions 

Reproducible Materials:


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