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Google and/or TWEET It

So yesterday I tweeted a HELP ME > SOS < in my continued attempts to find online resources for my colleague, who is looking to beef up his Ancient and Medieval Worlds text. Here are the tweets I received from an awesome educator, Jason Green. 

By the way, this is NOT a diss to Google, but  if you are STILL, not on Twitter, shame on you. Please tell me if you’re not, and why.  


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  1. Jason Green

    Whitejasongreen.@abowllan See also Rome Reborn from UVA. Also available as a layer in Google Earth

  2. Jason Green

    Whitejasongreen@abowllan Paul Halsall @ Fordham has online Ancient /Medieval History Sourcebooks if you’re looking for primary texts.

  3. Jason Green

    Whitejasongreen@abowllan I’m quite the (esp. medieval history) enthusiast. Are there specific gaps you’re looking to fill?

  4. Jason Green

    Whitejasongreen@abowllan Don’t forget Michael Drout’s Anglo-Saxon Aloud. also has a couple of video clips.


  1. George Edward Stanley says:

    Okay, okay, okay, okay! I am finally getting up the nerve to tell you that I don’t Twitter!!! But please don’t let this rupture our friendship! I’m actually going to look into this next week. (I’ve mainly been wondering what I should Twitter about!) Actually, three things have happened recently: my being shamed by you, hearing about how Twitter was about the only way that information got out(and is perhaps still getting out)of Iran during the election protests/violence, etc., and knowing that when you’re writing for young people, you need to be up on what they’re actually doing. (I certainly don’t want to have a character faxing something!!) I have to remember this, even in my own life. The other day I needed to send our son in Alexandria, Virginia, a document that he needed ASAP. At first I thought I’d fax it, then I remembered that in our office I can actually SCAN documents and send them by email! Honestly, to those of us who are a “certain age” these things don’t come automatically. I still remember from years and years ago (at least it seems that long now) when the only fax machine on campus (at least that I knew of) was in the president’s office (and his secretary was a dear friend). When I needed to send something to New York, to either my agent or to an editor, I would walk over there, have the secretary fax it, and then walk back to my office in wonderment that my letter or my novel synopsis or whatever was already in New York!! Hmm. Maybe I could tweet that. Maybe other people out there can identify!!

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    I’m happy to help you set-up a Twitter account, if you need it.