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Michael Jackson: What You May Not Know

Growing up, The Jackson Five was a huge part of the fabric of my family. My four sisters and I, WERE The Jackson Five. We knew every song and we always fought over who would play, MICHAEL. *heart* And right now, as I reflect on my early years, I realize that Michael Jackson was a teacher to me. I learned a lot about the world, without leaving my backyard. And I could never be put into words how I feel about his death. This video says it all.

There’s still so much I want to know about this troubled soul. I do know how much he gave to children all over the world, but now I want to learn more. Take comic books — he had a passion for comic books? I guess that would make sense being that he could probably create his own reality, and remain a kid in those colorful, characterized pages. By the way, he was a huge collector of comic books. "From trips to the comic shop to a collection of some of the most impressive comics-related memorabilia around, Jackson made no secret of his affinity for comics — going so far as to almost buy Marvel Comics in the late 1990s." (comes via Splash R.I.P. Michael Jackson: Comic Book Fan, Collector — And Almost The Owner Of Marvel Comics Published by Rick Marshall )

I also didn’t know he authored three books: "Moonwalker: The Storybook," "Dancing the Dream," and "Moon Walk." (comes via All Michael

*sigh* and *heavy heart*

Farewell, and thank you, to one of my earliest teachers, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. 

YOU will be missed.