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Ray Bradbury and Library Talk

Science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury, was featured in the NYT this weekend and his passion for “why  libraries” made me stop, and think about this summer. We all know the economy is in a bad way, which means that some parents will not be able to afford to send their children to camps. (I haven’t.) Hence, more children will probably […]

Father’s Day Teachers

My father was definitely my first teacher. He instilled in me: discipline, the love of learning, the honor of defeat, and the compassion to care causes. Dad was also instrumental in taking me to play tennis, which resulted in me receiving a tennis scholarship to college.  My father was also a humanist. I remember as a little girl, […]

My Summer Reading List and other things

Today is my son’s 12th birthday and he has been sulking all day. It may be because his teacher, whom he adored, was not rehired for next year. It’s tough when students get attached to their teachers and then the unexpected occurs. Needless to say, I had to vent that piece of my life, before I wrote this post — which comes with […]

Michelle Obama’s Garden Grows!

June in NYC? Rain, rain, and more, rain! Rain, however, is the best thing for gardens – sunlight is too, but who’s counting? So in my quest to find some "happy" news, to get a break from the clouds, I stumbled upon – are you ready?-HAPPY NEWS! Their motto, Real News. Compelling Stories. Always Positive. Ahhhh…I like. I […]

Slob: A Book for Boys To Read

Ellen Potter wrote to me recently and shared with me how her newly released book, SLOB (Philomel Books, May 2009), is yet another way to encourage boys to read.  "Twelve-year-old Owen Birnbaum is the fattest kid in school. But he’s also a genius who invents cool contraptions – like a TV that shows the past. […]

Mike McQueen is Getting Boys to Read

Mike McQueen is quickly becoming my hero. Not only is he a parent, teacher and a librarian, he’s also a man, on a mission, to get boys to read.  Over the past few days I’ve followed his tweets on Twitter, and have been awed by the amount of resources, and the insights he shares with the Twitter community. Here are my […]

Boys and Handwriting AND a Handwriting Expert

Yesterday’s post – The Art of Handwriting and Today’s Students – generated some great ideas and good points to follow-up on in the future. Here are two comments I received that piqued my interest: In response to: The Art of Handwriting AND Today’s Students Sam Grumont commented: You’re right about the need to practice a skill if it is […]

The Art of Handwriting AND Today’s Students

Today’s students do not need to learn the art of handwriting! Okay? Sorry. I said it and I really believe it.  Here’s the back story for my full-blown, "haterade." My blood pressure was at its peak today when I got involved in a healthy discussion about how today’s students can’t write. Here are a few blurbs from […]

Holocaust Museum Lesson Plan,0,6620395.story

Lesson Plan on Brave Women

In North Korea, there’s Euna Lee and Laura Ling; convicted and sentenced to 12-years in a NK prison camp. In Iran there’s Neda who was murdered during a peaceful demonstration in Iran.  Why are these people important for students to learn about?  Working in schools for over a decade, I’ve learned that educators wait until Women’s History Month […]