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A beer? Why not lemonade?

I’ve held off on posting about the Gates vs Crowley incident because quite frankly, I wasn’t there, and it annoys me that we are so quick to rush to judgment about "hot button" issues. I’m sure it’s normal though. What I will say is, both a Harvard professor, and a police officer, are supposed to set good […]

My Bloglines Gets A Good Cleaning

It’s been over a year since I’ve updated my bloglines –>bad Bowllan!<– Since the new school year is just over the horizon, I thought it was a good time to chuck the blogs that have not been updated and bring in the goodies.         Take a look at the following list, if your blog (or someone’s I should have) […]

Eugene the Librarian?

Was I the only one who missed Eugene the Librarian? Anyway, he’s not really a librarian, but he is cute. So here’s a little levity for your day.

NIGHT FIRES by George E. Stanley: "A person needs to hear how horrible these words are…"

I am honored to present to you my interview with well-known author, educator, and my new friend, Dr. George E. Stanley. George’s latest and daring novel, Night Fires (ALADDIN, Simon & Schuster, 2009), quite frankly, disgusted me. However, I couldn’t put it down. All week I kept telling my son, you have to read this! Why? Because it’s a part […]


Jericho Primary School Nairobi – Kenya – Needs Books

Last winter, I had the pleasure of interviewing Italian writer, and humanitarian, Valentina Mmaka. Valentina’s, The Kabiliana Project, helps to build mobile libraries in remote countries in Africa.  Here is a message she sent to me today. "These are some of the students of Jericho Primary School In Nairobi. The school doesn’t have a library, the children would […]

Gates vs Crowley: A confrontation, or a teaching moment?

I was a victim of racial-profiling too. However, they were black cops that stopped me in a Baltimore train station. I was 6-months pregnant with my son when I decided to take Amtrak and visit my brother who was residing in Baltimore. I was wearing cowboy boots and carrying a small bag and his tennis racket. […]

Michael Jackson Wanted To Be White?: A lesson plan

Do we really know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Michael Jackson wanted to be white? That’s what I’ve asked my students every time they’ve said that to me. How do you know? Is your answer based on face value? As journalists, we shouldn’t be reporting a story to share what we think. Hopefully, we are […]

Frank McCourt’s Lessons and More

Here are a few news stories I have been following this week: With the recent passing of Pulitzer Prize winner, author, and former NYC school teacher, Frank McCourt, I’ve been inspired to research his life, since 30-years as a New York City school teacher is no small feat. Consequently, I’ve learned that McCourt leaves behind a legacy of wisdom. Hopefully educators will […]

Frank McCourt’s Lesson: "I was teaching, that’s what took me so long."