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My Summer Addiction

It’s never too early to start posting about back-to-school supplies. Now the title of this post may have surprised you, but that was my reaction when I inadvertently stumbled upon The Pen Addict’s blog, while searching for cool pens? Never knew there was such a thing.
Bowllan's Favorite Pen: Jetstream Uni
Check this post out from the TPAB! I LOVE it! Kudos!

June 13, 2009

Ink Links

— My Writing Tools: Moleskine, Franklin Covey and Parker 45  (Maricar Macalincag)

— Sakura Sumo Grip II Pen Test  (Late to the Party)

— Yafa Ink Cartridge Fountain Pen  (Frindling)

— Parker Jotter  (My Supply Room)

— HI-TEC-C Coleto Multi Pen  (The Pen Archives)

If you’re anything like me and love pens – even though my handwriting is sloppy – go there, now, and see the posts! Awesome!


  1. I love it! I have been addicted for years to pens. Thanks for the link! Now I have a support group.

  2. I confess. I have an addiction to highlighters, post-it notes, post-it flags, and gel pens. I hate the scratchiness of writing and love the smoothness of gel pens. Don’t get me started on organizers…

  3. George Edward Stanley says:

    Oh, my goodness, Amy! I honestly thought my wife was the only pen addict! She’ll LOVE this link. Thank you!! This is really amazing.

  4. Amy Bowllan says:

    You all are so funny! I am addicted to pens, post-its, laptops, books, hmmmm…what else??? lol

    Oh…and lauging. Now let’s see if we can find a blog…lol

  5. wendy Stephens says:

    My pens of choice are old school black Flairs, with either Sharpie fine points or Pentel felt tips in gorgeous colors when I need a little something more…I like to re-purpose paper and scribble on the back of envelopes & mimeographed handouts, so it’s all about the pen.