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Bowllan’s On Vacation?

Well, I am actually finding really cool blog posts for you –> while on vacation! And over the past four years I realized that a vacation isn’t a vacation unless you bring your blog with you. SO DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!
Bowllan in the Napa vineyardBefore I continue, tell me if this is a scandalous post, because in the near future I will be interviewing a wine-cellar owner who raised her children while growing her own vineyard. Shocking?! She also has some really cool book  recommendations for kids regarding wine.  They provide an introduction as to how wine is made and the importance of the vineyards.

And you know me…my question? –> who is teaching about this? What if schools took on this subject and explained how wine is grown? Should they? To be perfectly honest with you, initially I felt funny blogging about this. Kids and wine? Is it taboo? We don’t teach this in schools. Why? So in an effort to at least start to uncover the importance of educating children about wine, I set-up a blog interview with Jonna Bantam who owns Bantam Cellars. While she has her own thoughts on the subject, I would love to hear yours.

Maybe it’s not even news worthy…do tell me.