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Hunting and Saving Libraries

Next stop on my vacation is Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks Mountains, located in New York State. I call it bear country because everywhere you look there are bear signs. And just last night my mother had the nerve to leave pretzels out on our porch! What was she thinking? Tempting the bears, mom?

Anyway, since being here, I have been hunting for libraries. Before I left for vacation I found this video – Shout  It Out for Your Library – and thought, YES! That’s the way to get support for our libraries, during these tough economic times.  Keep getting Barbara Walters, Malcolm Gladwell, and other big names to share their personal experiences as to what libraries did for them. (video comes via Facebook friend, and librarian, Jeffie Nicholson) Do take a look at this video and here’s a thought –> maybe you can create your own SHOUT OUT FOR LIBRARIES with your students sharing their experiences.
Amy, bear-friend, and daughter


  1. margaret says:

    Hi Amy! One of my college professors made a big impression on me when he talked about how libraries are the most democratic institution around. Anyone, no matter their station in life, is encouraged, with just a simple application for a card, to walk in and BORROW stuff for FREE? I have to keep reminding my kids, we don’t have to spend so much money at the bookstore (altho I do want to support authors I love–we can read for free at the library!

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    Margaret, my kids will be at the library this summer. Then and only then will their “adventures” begin. :)

  3. julia Fraoley says:

    Thank you for that wonderful information about libraries.
    Some of my fondest memories were in the library on Merrick Blvd in Queens. Keep libraries open!!!!!