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Bowllan’s Back…Well, Sort Of.

As I wrap-up the final days of my vacation, I did want to share with you some of my highlights. Hopefully, this summer you will put the camera in your kids’ hands, so they too can keep photo journals of their summer daysamybbe5a Bowllans Back...Well, Sort Of.. It’s also a great way to remember the moment and keep it forever. 

My mother and I made got soaked trying to take a picture of me standing in front of the Inlet Library, located in Inlet, NY. It was, however, well worth it, since we met with  the most delightful staff. THEY LOVE THEIR LIBRARY, and they should. It serves this tiny community well, and provides a haven for those wet, summer days.
inlet3AB Bowllans Back...Well, Sort Of.<— I couldn’t quite get the camera angle straight; as mom looks on in the background.

mom2bbb Bowllans Back...Well, Sort Of.
Making S’MORES was a huge highlight for the kids. There is something about fire and marshmallows that fascinates them. —>

On those rainy days when there was nothing to do, the kids collected rainwater, which turned out to be loads of fun for them.
newjohn Bowllans Back...Well, Sort Of.
And speaking of rain, my daughter had her own ideas on how to have fun, while "saving money on bottled water," so she says.
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My mom gave ME a lesson on "how to comb my daughter’s hair." Maybe I’ll create a wiki for it. icon wink Bowllans Back...Well, Sort Of.
mom2 Bowllans Back...Well, Sort Of.mom2b Bowllans Back...Well, Sort Of.
Every fish they caught, they released back into the lake.
 Vahni Bowllans Back...Well, Sort Of.
I’m not really a "boat" person, but this was an opportunity to have three generations enjoy the mountain scenes. Can you guess which one of us is "high tech?"
n663736677 3006178 7103681 Bowllans Back...Well, Sort Of.
There are more pictures, but I believe I reached the maximum number for one post. I do hope you enjoyed journeying with me on my vacation to Blue Mountain Lake. I sure did.
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