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Meeting U – James Spellos’ Techniques & Way Cool Tools

For those of you techies out there, I HIGHLY recommend you subscribe to Jim Spellos‘ Newsletters Here is June’s and it’s chock-full of goodies. Tell him Bowllan’s Blog sent you. :)
Jim Spellos - Meeting U
Free Webinar…Free Webinar
– Ok, this is a promotion, but it’s really cool and free. A friend and colleague, Jordan Schwartz of Pathable ( and I are offering a free webinar (Social Media at Events Case Studies) on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009. This hour long webinar will discuss the explosion of social media and provide real data for everyone to decide which of the tools is best for you. Come join us…register here ( 

A Bit Late’s Ok, Isn’t It? – Probably should have mentioned this last month, but today (June 24th) is The Day in the Cloud Challenge (   Seems a touch marketing-driven, but the purpose of this event from Google apps and Virgin America airlines is to get everyone more on board with the concept of Cloud Computing, which is becoming more and more prevalent…here’s a page from Wikipedia (though a touch geeky) better defining Cloud Computer ( I mention it here because it seems like a fun game, and it hopefully will help some folks better use & understand the tools out there.

I’d Like a Cut & Style with that Rinse, Please … – For those of you managing & reading many RSS feeds, you may find that some of them still provide content that isn’t just what you want. So why not give it a rinse? FeedRinse ( is a tool which allows you to filter content from your feeds to help ensure the content you’re getting is what you want. Now, for those of you who don’t know what RSS is…

Watch This Video, Please! – There is a fantastic site (which I know I’ve mentioned previously) from Common Craft ( which uses short, really hip & funny videos to explain the various technologies we are using today. Twitter, Blogs, Social Networks…even RSS (Really Simple Syndication, btw) feeds are part of the video explanations. So check out the one on RSS (  … as he says though, be careful, it’s addicting.

Carnac Says (25 points for anyone who can tell me who Carnac was)… – If you need to find someone, and Googling isn’t doing it, try this list of 25 Free People Search Engines, courtesy of FinderMind (   Ya might think it’s a bit spooky, but I’d rather you know about these tools than not knowing about them.

No Peeking At This If You’re Answering the Carnac Question – It was sad yesterday (for many of us boomers) to learn of the passing of the greatest sidekick in television history. That’s right, Mr. Star Search (as many younger folks only knew him), Ed McMahon. His bio from Wikipedia is worth the trip down memory lane for many of us ( 

A Collecta-ble Search Engine – Ok, so sometimes I’m wading deep into various search tools (though they are the number one resource how we find information on the web). So, I stumbled upon one called Collecta ( The uniqueness of this, which was just launched last week, is that it searches social media posts (tweets, videos, blogs, etc) and, um, I guess I can say that it collecta-s them for you (ugh…sorry about that).

Can’t Wait to Get That New Operating System? – (of course, if the answer is yes, then it is a clear sign of being a cool geek). Well, Windows 7, the long awaited follow-up to the much maligned Vista (which I still say got a bad rap after its initial issues) is available for you to download & play with to your heart’s content. ( Download the RC (that’s Release Candidate in Microsoft speak) and be part of the beta process. 

Don’t Cry Over Spilled…Spilled…um… – Oh yeah, Milk! Remember the Milk ( is a cool free web-based tool (an oldie but goodie, as we mentioned it last year) that allows you to manage your tasks in a really easy, convenient way. And, natch, it has apps for the iPhone, Gmail gadgets, Google Calendar, even Twitter (imaging getting that tweet reminding you to remember the milk!).

What’s Up With The Trip Advisor Scandal? – Not sure if you’ve been following, but from blogs like Elliott (, he has been posting frequently about the fact that many people are stating that some of Trip Advisor’s reviews are “totally fraudulent”. Pretty powerful statement. Whether you believe it or not, it’s certainly worth reading at least this of his blog posts about it ( 

Think that’s going to do it for this month’s edition. Enjoy the summer sun (or if you’re in NYC, enjoy the wet weather). Hope to see you at the webinar on July 1st…or perhaps for many of you at the MPI conference in Salt Lake City this July (

Thanks, Jim!