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Swine Flu Contingency Plans

This summer I have been on a mission to find lesson plans and electronic textbooks, in the event that school closes due to another swine flu outbreak. Not that I am a pessimist, but it’s better to be overly prepared now, than wonder, "what to do?" later.

Donald G. McNeil Jr., from the NYT is confirming my fears in his article, Swine Flu Expected to Return With Opening of School. "The swine flu will probably return in force earlier than seasonal flu usually begins, federal health officials predicted Friday, saying they expected it to erupt as soon as schools open rather than in October or November."

Contingency plans are in order, wouldn’t you agree? 

Here are some random thoughts that could help provide contingency plans so students can still learn from home, if schools need to close. 

1) Inquire from your school’s textbook company if they have access codes to their online textbooks. At least in the event of a school closing, the students will have