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Jericho Primary School Nairobi – Kenya – Needs Books

Last winter, I had the pleasure of interviewing Italian writer, and humanitarian, Valentina Mmaka. Valentina’s, The Kabiliana Project, helps to build mobile libraries in remote countries in Africa. 
Jericho Primary School In Nairobi
Here is a message she sent to me today.

"These are some of the students of Jericho Primary School In Nairobi. The school doesn’t have a library, the children would really love to have books to read, so we are looking for english children’s books to donate to the school.

Queste sono alcune delle bambine che frequentano la Jericho Primary School in Nairobi. La scuola non ha una biblioteca e agli studenti piacerebbe avere a disposizione libri da leggere. Cerchiamo libri per bambini in inglese. Per chi volesse donarli può contattare direttamente l’Associazione."

If you can help Valentina by donating books, for these adorable girls, please e-mail me, and I will forward your information to her. 


  1. Soggetto Nomade says:

    Thank you Amy for your efforts! I really appreciate.

  2. George Edward Stanley says:

    Thanks for this address, Amy. I’ll be getting together a package of books for the Jericho Primary School in Nairobi. As you know, the entire continent of Africa is very dear to my heart. I got to know Nairobi and environs very well in the early 70’s. You are to be commended for bringing this plight to everyone’s attention.

  3. Amy Bowllan says:

    I cannot thank enough! I too am putting together a box of books, and am hoping that the book publishers also do the same. As always, thanks so much, and your interview questions are forthcoming. :)

  4. valentina acava mmaka says:

    please Amy mantain just the first address, the second is too far from the cargo who will send the suff in kenya, so please ANNA ACAVA
    01100 VITERBO ITALY is the perfect one…
    asante sana

  5. Amy Bowllan says:

    Yes, Valentina. For some reason, I thought I had deleted it. Will do so, right away…