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100 Best Blogs for School Librarians

I interrupt my vacation adventures to share with you this e-mail message I received today.  *blushing* Hi Amy, We posted an article, " 100 Best Blogs for School Librarians " and I thought that you or your readers might find it appealing. I am happy to let you know that your site has been included […]

Long Lake Library and the Adirondack Museum

Like I said yesterday, The Adirondacks is bear country. And just yesterday after I posted about my hunt for libraries (and not bears), I stumbled upon this bear, right outside the Long Lake Library, located in Long Lake, NY. —> I actually visited this library years ago and was pleasantly surprised when I read about a […]

Hunting and Saving Libraries

Next stop on my vacation is Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks Mountains, located in New York State. I call it bear country because everywhere you look there are bear signs. And just last night my mother had the nerve to leave pretzels out on our porch! What was she thinking? Tempting the bears, mom? Anyway, since being here, I have been hunting for […]

Bowllan’s On Vacation?

Well, I am actually finding really cool blog posts for you –> while on vacation! And over the past four years I realized that a vacation isn’t a vacation unless you bring your blog with you. SO DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT! Before I continue, tell me if this is a scandalous post, because in the […]

My Summer Addiction

It’s never too early to start posting about back-to-school supplies. Now the title of this post may have surprised you, but that was my reaction when I inadvertently stumbled upon The Pen Addict’s blog, while searching for cool pens? Never knew there was such a thing. Check this post out from the TPAB! I LOVE it! Kudos! […]

SUM(mer)Online Math Resources

Summer just wouldn’t be (sum)mer if you didn’t have your children practicing their math skills, now would it? Search no more…here are delicious links that will add to your child’s dull days, and tell them it’s a present from Bowllan’s Blog. 😉 K-8 Math Sites – Chock-full of every kind of math you will ever need. TLSBooks Free […]

ESL Printables and Resources

My kids are going to be busy little bees this summer. And if you’re an ESL teacher, or a parent who would like summer resources, this site may be of interest to you. " is designed for ESL teachers who want to share their own resources: worksheets, flash-cards, articles, lesson plans, etc. here you will […]