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The Three Monkey Brothers by Dani Silberman

Writers Against Racism WILL continue on Monday. I did, however, want to send a special thank you to the writers/educators and illustrator who participated this past week. Your voices, and your stories are becoming the words on the new pages of today’s history books. 

And to those who had to wait for a review and/or a story idea, I apologize for my delay.  
                     The Three Monkey Brothers (Eloquent Books, NY 2009)
First up, my Facebook friend, Dani!  

Dani Silberman, the patient writer that he is, has a delightful children’s book (newly released) that my daughter absolutely adores (me too)!  You know it’s funny how they label books for certain age groups, when in fact, age is relative – it’s the readers’ interest.

But the beautifully illustrated, The Three Monkey Brothers (Eloquent Books, NY 2009), will not only make you laugh OUT loud, it will take you and your little one on a wildly funny adventure. 

Each monkey brother is looking to find a coconut from their favorite tree, and they have no idea what happened to the coconuts.  (My daughter loved to anticipate "where could the coconuts be, Mom?") So the monkeys take the disturbing news to their playful, yet goofy mommy, who sends the boys out to the jungle to find out, WHERE ARE THE COCONUTS!?. In the jungle they meet some pretty interesting characters/animals who each have a lesson to share with the brothers.

One thing they learn, in their daring pursuit, is the importance of the earth’s resources. 

"The rain is good for our jungle, as it fills our drinking pond and feeds our trees, and in return they give us fruit." 

What I liked most about The Three Monkey Brothers is the fact that each time my daughter and I read the story, we both came away with a new message. The messages of family, determination, respect, patience, and love, are just a few themes that drape the vines of the trees in the jungle.

Hats off to Dani!


  1. George Edward Stanley says:

    I think our almost-three-year-old grandson would really enjoy this title, so I’m going to buy it for him. Amy, thank you for reviewing it, and Dani, thank you for writing it. It appears to have messages that we want our grandson to know.

  2. Dani Silberman says:

    George, thank you so much for your comments. I do hope you and your grandson enjoy the book. you can visit my website ( or my Facebook group “The three monkey brothers” for for details and sample pages.
    Blessings, Dani Silberman

  3. George Edward Stanley says:

    Dani, I just ordered it from -and I’ll let you know how Luke likes it. I’m also going to visit your website. Thanks, Dani!