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Writers Against Racism: Peter Marino

Peter Marino is an English professor at Adirondack Community College in Queensbury, New York  where he teaches writing, speech, and the occasional literature class. He won the SUNY Chancellor’s Award in 2006 for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activity. Briefly describe the impact racism had on you as a young person. The very first time I […]

Writers Against Racism: Anna Levine

Anna Levine began her studies at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec  and received her MA in English Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her YA novel Freefall was awarded a Sydney Taylor Honor’s Award from the American Association of Jewish Libraries, the same year Jodie’s Hanukkah Dig, about a young girl with a passion […]

Writers Against Racism: Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez is the author of the Rainbow Boys trilogy, as well as the Lambda Award-winning middle-grade novel So Hard to Say. His latest novel is Bait. Briefly describe the impact racism had on you as a young person. When my family immigrated from Mexico to the U.S., I experienced prejudice for the first time. […]

Writers Against Racism: Publishing Groups Listen UP

Writers Against Racism: Uma Krishnaswami

Uma Krishnaswami was born in India and now lives and writes in northwest New Mexico.  She is the author of a dozen books for young readers. Among them are picture books including Chachaji’s Cup and Monsoon, early readers (Yoga Class, Holi), and a middle grade novel, Naming Maya. Briefly describe the impact racism had on […]

Writers Against Racism: Tony Medina

Tony Medina is Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Howard University. Briefly describe the impact racism had on you as a young person.   I grew up in predominantly Black and Puerto Rican neighborhoods in the South Bronx and further north in the Throgs Neck Housing Projects. We were pretty insular. The only white people […]

Writers Against Racism: Vanessa Irvin Morris

Vanessa Irvin Morris carries over 20 years’ experience serving in libraries: academic, special, school media, and public. Her research interests include the socio-cultural anthropology of small, urban and rural libraries, literacy practices of public service librarians, and literacy practices enacted and learned in Second Life.  Briefly describe the impact racism had on you as a […]

Writers Against Racism: Brent Hartinger

Let’s face it: if there’s one thing that racism isn’t about, it’s reason. If it was, we’d have eliminated it by now.  Racism, of course, is about emotion — and emotion can be stubbornly resistant to facts.  So what do we do? Well, we fight emotion with emotion. And there is literally no better way to do that than […]

Writers Against Racism: Carla Pacis

(((DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING INTEREST IN W.A.R., MORE AND MORE WRITERS ARE SHARING THEIR STORIES – SO THE SERIES WILL CONTINUE!))) Racism isn’t so much of an issue in the Philippines in the same way it is in the USA.  However, we continue to have many different tribal groups who are considered a minority in this […]

Writers Against Racism: Doret’s AMAZING K-12 Reading Lists

Do you remember Doret’s profile on W.A.R.?  "Doret has always loved reading. She’s been a bookseller for almost 10 years and still enjoys connecting people with books they will love. When she started blogging at The Happy Nappy Bookseller over a year ago, she noticed that great books featuring people of color were being ignored. She hopes that the […]