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Writers Against Racism: Doret’s K-12 Reading List

Do you remember Doret’s profile on W.A.R.?  

"Doret has always loved reading. She’s been a bookseller for almost 10 years and still enjoys connecting people with books they will love. When she started blogging at The Happy Nappy Bookseller over a year ago, she noticed that great books featuring people of color were being ignored. She hopes that the people who visit her store and/or blog can say that they understand reading diversity is a beautiful thing."

Doret has been an invaluable resource to me. While I scour and toil about, hunting for titles to add to my K-12 reading lists — Doret’s like, "been there, done that. Oh, and here’s more, Amy." Really, she is amazing! And Doret’s blog has an enormous list of 21st century, K-12 (inclusive) reading lists, that she graciously sent me – and promises more to come. 
Books make great gifts:  African American Children’s Books – Books make great Gifts (Updated with 09 titles)

Biracial and Multiracial Teen Characters

The list author says:  "Believing he has killed his grandfather, Zane Guesswind heads for his mother’s Zanesville, Ohio, grave to kill himself, driving the 1969 Plymouth Barracuda his long-gone father left behind, and meeting along the way assorted characters who help him discover who he really is. (Native American/Black/White)" (via

C.O.R.A Diversity Roll Call And A Must Read "This time we are asked to find titles that would appeal to teens, that are featuring male protagonists of color and are set outside of the U.S." (by Ali @ Worducopia)

CORA Diversity Roll Call "Your assignment: spotlight science fiction and fantasy titles where people of color are the leads, works by people of color in these genres or discuss your thoughts about race in these genres. Do you notice the absence of color?" (by Susan’s @ Color Online)

Doret, I could totally see students LOVING a project like this! Imagine, THEM, donning their reporting caps to find these jewels you, Susan, and Ali found?! What an awesome project. Kudos! 

(((If you’re just tuning in, I have had a HUGE battle with my blog today. This post took all day to fix, and I apologize if it’s not perfect.))) *sigh*


  1. George Edward Stanley says:

    Doret, thank you for taking the time to compile these reading lists. I’m going to make sure they have the widest distribution possible among our student teachers. Amy, I’m glad you won the Battle of the Blogs. This is great information.

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    George, after hours of trying to “dress up” this post, because I am so impressed by Doret, I finally threw my white flag UP. :) I’ll do better tomorrow. :) Thank you, as always for your support, George.

    By the way, the books you authored are so extensive, I can’t wait to add them to the reading lists.

  3. I made these lists so people could discover new authors/titles. So I was more than happy to pass them on, the more people who are aware of all the wonderful children’s titles featuring people of color the better.

    The CORA Diversity Roll Call feature is so much fun. Ali and Susan always challenge us to get out of our comfort zone. The Sci fi/ Fantasy Roll Call was one of the hardest. I discovered and read great books thanks to this feature. I could totally see students enjoying it as well.

    Amy, your 21 century comment made me laugh. You must have been looking at one of your kid’s reading list lately.

  4. Jo Ann Hernandez says:

    Thank you Doret and Amy. These list are invaluable. Thank you for your hard work. I’ll be sure to tweet this and alert everyone to them. Thanks
    BronzeWord Latino Authors

  5. Mayra Lazara Dole says:

    i feel blessed to have found Doret. in fact, Doret’s comment was the very first one i read about my book the day my novel was published in K.T. Horning’s blog and i nearly did a cartwheel! My life-partner, Damarys printed Doret’s exciting comment and we have it framed. back then, because i’d never been in contact with Doret, i thought she was male. today, because for so long i pictured her a guy, when i think DORET, the first thing that comes to mind is: GREAT BOOK LISTS, then, nice AfricanAm guy. D, i never told you this but now that i know you better, i feel confident that you won’t get upset. : ) your reviews are so powerful. thank you for all your hard work in bringing authors of color to the forefront. whenever i think of books of color, you and Susan will forever pop into my head.

  6. Reading these posts, I just have to be so proud of my online friend! Doret is the one who brought us all together. Doret had me read Zetta’s Wish. She found Susan and it has been just amazing working with my online sister/girlfriends, and I love how the network just keeps growing!

  7. Doret is the ultimate connector! She brings together the best books & the best people–I’ve met so many amazing online folks through her, and ALWAYS find new titles on her blog.