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Writers Against Racism: Quotes To Learn From

"I want to create a change, to show the publishing companies that we want to see more YA books about people of color with colorful faces on the cover!" (Teen Writer, Arianna aka Miss Attitude)

"I believe we need to always engage in literature throughout our entire careers and lives, so that we have our fingers on the pulse of social issues, trends, and discourse."  (Vanessa Irvin Morris)

"Hopefully, by introducing children to the fact that there are tribal people who live among us, their awareness is increased and they will learn to treat people who are different with respect and kindness." (Carla Pacis

"Now, when I hear from readers of my novels, they tell me how validating it is to read about characters who, like them, are ethnically diverse." (
Alex Sanchez)

"I’m really excited about novels where, while the ethnicity of the character is stated, the character’s race isn’t pivotal to the plot." (Varian Johnson)

"Maybe a biracial kid like me can read one of my books and feel like an insider." (Matt de la Peña)

"We learn that yes, there are differences among people, but in the end we all want the same thing." (Doret)

"Young people are influenced by others’ perceptions, often with little or no personal experience to counter what they see or are told." ( LaTonya M. Baldwin "Susan")


  1. B Herrera says:

    Quotes to start a discussion and give us something to think about as we try to turn prejudices into knowledge and acceptance.

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    Exactly, B! I’ve been reading and re-reading, finding so many answers from this collective voice.

  3. George Edward Stanley says:

    Amy, thanks again for pulling out even more of these great beginning points for discussions!