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Writers Against Racism: Linda Brown

The impact of racism as a young person: 

My first experience was in kindergarten when I realized that my hair was "different " from the blondes in my class and that this was an "issue." I grew up in Akron Ohio and was the only Black child in my class. Then in the 2nd grade I was singled out by a white class mate again for my hair. Racism continued to have an impact all through public school where White teachers made racist remarks and singled me out in various ways questioning my work (had I done it myself) and my presence in the honors class. I went on to go to Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, NC and participated in the sit-ins.

My work as a writer has always been around the Black experience and it has always  been important to me to try to contribute to the eradication of racism in whatever way I can. My teaching has centered on Black Studies and Literature. My poetry and novels have focused on the lives of Black characters as those characters are impacted by racism.
Literature can increase understanding, illustrate the effects of racism, and even suggest remedies through the telling of powerful stories that illuminate the dynamic of race in America. Literature can educate children and others and help people to understand how past American History is central to our lives today.


  1. George Edward Stanley says:

    Thank you for your story, Linda. You’d think that the racism which surrounds us in life would be more visible to us than the racism that comes through words on a page, but I now firmly believe that literature really does have the power to open people’s eyes to what is really happening around them. That’s why it’s so important to bring about major changes in school reading lists.