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Writers Against Racism: Books by LUCHA CORPI

"Bronzeword: Championing the Diversity and Excellence of Latino Literature." -Jo Ann Hernandez from BronzeWord Latino Authors 

W.A.R writer, Jo Ann Hernandez sent me a newsletter which features Latino(a) authors and their upcoming book tours. 

LUCHA CORPI is a poet, novelist, and children’s book author, and is this month’s featured author. 

This modified list of Corpi’s books comes via the BronzeWord Newsletter, and would certainly be ideal for a high school reading list, which oftentimes is the last one to be updated. 

Death at Solstice: A Gloria Damasco Mystery – Arte Publico Pr (September 30, 2009 PB)

Chicana detective Gloria Damasco has a ”dark gift,” an extrasensory prescience that underscores her investigations and compels her to solve numerous cases. This time, the recurring vision haunting her dreams contains two pairs of dark eyes watching her in the night, a phantom horse and rider, and the voice of a woman pleading for help. But most disquieting of all is Gloria’s sensation of being trapped underwater, unable to free herself, unable to breathe.

Eulogy for a Brown Angel – Arte Publico Press (March 2002) From Kirkus Reviews
Corpi brings a Chicana feminist perspective to the mystery genre and does so with enough originality to overcome some stilted and murky writing. The story begins when civil-rights activist Gloria Damasco discovers the body of a murdered child on an L.A. street during a Chicano demonstration in 1970.

Cactus BloodArte Publico Pr (August 31, 2009 PB) From Library Journal 
Apprentice private eye Gloria Damasco and her employer, ex-cop Justin Escobar, take a journey of sorts after a friend – active in the Chicago Civil Rights movement – supposedly commits suicide.

(photo comes via Red Room Writers bios)


  1. Thank you Amy you are so kind. I appreciate your support so much. One can begin to feel all alone against this racism. Knowing others care and are doing things too makes one feel hopeful. Thank you for your courage and your strength.
    Jo Ann Hernandez
    BronzeWord Latino Authors

  2. Much of racism is just plain laziness. We are often too lazy to change our ideas, habits, or even our reading lists. And when someone or something different comes along, we push them away so we don’t have to change. Too bad because too many of us miss the best in life because of this. Thanks for making it easy for me to discover books from all over the country.