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Writers Against Racism: BEYOND FREEDOM by Patricia Q. Wall

Recently released, Beyond Freedom (Fall Rose Books, November 25, 2009) by Patricia Q. Wall

should hopefully find its way into America’s classrooms, since it appears to be a valiant effort at trying to teach a part of American slavery that is oftentimes overlooked.

"Wall said the research that went into the book was "very enlightening," uncovering an age in New England where African Americans encountered prejudice and other obstacles even as the region began to slowly distance itself from slavery in its past." (
comes via Seacoastonline article By Dave Choate Local children’s book author speaks on race, culture)

Beyond Freedom, a historical novel geared towards students in grades four through seven, could easily be adapted to younger and older students. Just recently I held a seminar for teachers that involved using picture books to teach in high school classrooms – a huge success (more on that later).

Choate also writes,"Wall noted that one young student in a class raised his hand after being asked about African American history in America and recounted the passage of slaves from Africa, the history of slavery in the country and then said that after Lincoln freed the slaves, everything "was fine." She said it’s a daunting task to integrate the history of African Americans, their struggles and how they contributed to American history to students who often get little instruction in those subjects, but that teachers and parents she has spoken to are receptive to the idea of including more historical materials." 
(comes via Seacoastonline article By Dave Choate Local children’s book author speaks on race, culture)


  1. George Edward Stanley says:

    Unfortunately, the “And Then Everything Was Fine” School of Thought seems to permeate every level of every subject in American education. It’s closely followed by the “So Now Let’s Move On To Something More Important” School of Thought. I’m looking forward to reading BEYOND FREEDOM.

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    I like that thought, George. We have to keep moving on. :)