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Writers Against Racism: Kakie Fitzsimmons

Kakie Fitzsimmons is an award winning author and blogger. She is also co-creator of the award winning Bur Bur and Friends children’s book series. Bur Bur and Friends uses a cast of characters who help kids plant seeds of self-esteem by teaching them about sports, outdoor exploration and active play. The characters are multicultural and […]

Writers Against Racism: "Documenting the Decade"

I was honored to have my inauguration image added to the New York Times series, DOCUMENTING THE DECADE, where readers were asked to submit photos of that which impacted the decade, through their lens. And while I thought, standing wedged between a sea of  millions, waiting to see the first black president get sworn into […]

Writers Against Racism: The 2010 NDLC Proposal

W.A.R. participant and high school media director, Edith Campbell, submitted the following proposal to the National Diversity in Libraries Conference, providing a summary of what our panel presentation will include.  (Visit here for more information about the conference which is being held in Princeton, NJ from July 14-16. Graphic comes via Diversity in Libraries website.)  Brief description:   (100 words) […]

Writers Against Racism: "NDLC 2010: From Groundwork to Action"

The following Writers Against Racism writers are heading to Princeton University this summer to participate in a panel discussion at the National Diversity in Libraries Conference. Edi Campbell (Media Director – seen above)      LaTonya M. Baldwin (COLOR ONLINE  Literacy Advocate) Amy Bodden Bowllan  (Blogger/Educator)  Doret   (Bookseller, A major bookstore chain) Edi was kind and diligent enough to […]

Writers Against Racism: "Race Matters in China"

Once you read this post, you’ll know why I want to read this book.  "If Western racism is about genetic dispositions, Chinese prejudices and racism are more about achievements and standing in the world as applied to individuals or groups." Yan Sun, a professor of political science at the City University of New York, is […]

Writers Against Racism: Joy Hakim’s A HISTORY OF US

There’s still more to report from Denver and the PoCC. But it’s taken me a week to re-enter the atmosphere from the mile-high city. And last week after returning home, I had the rare opportunity to sit and watch television – YES, television!  It was glorious and interactive. While I was feverishly sending my tweets to C-Span’s Book Talk […]

Writers Against Racism: Books For Teachers From PoCC

Publishers send me books everyday, and when I am not receiving books to review, I am buying them. And such was the case at PoCC. Here are a few I found that would enhance any educators bookshelf.

Writers Against Racism: Shift Happens at PoCC

Before I start with how today unfolded with the workshops I attended, and the books I purchased, I wanted to draw your attention to a video that was shown in one of my sessions, given by Dr. JuanCarlos Arauz from Peace x Piece Consulting. The original video, "Shift Happens," by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod, sends a strong message […]

Writers Against Racism: PoCC Coverage and John Quiñones

There was so much happening during the morning ceremonies that I tried – ever so hard – to capture the essence of The People of Color Conference — so you could at least get a taste of my exciting morning.  Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting newsman, John Quiñones during his book signing, I was […]

Writers Against Racism: PoCC Opening Ceremonies

I made it to Denver safely, and if you look closely at my picture, you’ll see pain in my eyes. Carting my bags through the Denver airport was MOST challenging – time to invest in a carry-on with wheels! And on this frigid morning in Denver, with temperatures way down into single digits, I am here and I am  hopeful that John Quinones, an […]